What's New in the Admin Center

Keep track of what's going on with the Admin Center and learn about our newest features and changes.

LogMeIn Admin Center (v5.26.0) – October 01, 2020


  • Fixed issue that caused overlapping text when resizing the browser and GoToAssist Remote Support is listed among other products under the New User Settings Template pane.

LogMeIn Admin Center (v5.25.0) – September 30, 2020


New Email Templates Available to All Admins
All account admins are now enabled to use the new Welcome and Assignment Change email templates, which were introduced to most accounts in a previous release. Admins can view and configure these new email templates within Admin Settings under Email Customizations.

LogMeIn Admin Center (v5.24.0) – August 12, 2020


Ability to Change Account Name
Account admins can change the account name of their LogMeIn product account within Admin Settings. Previously, account name changes could only be performed by Customer Care representatives.
New Welcome and Assignment Change Email Templates

The Welcome email and Change email templates have a new look and feel! Note that any customizations made to the previous template will also be carried over to the new template.

Note: This feature is being rolled out in a phased manner. This release enabled it as the default setting for most accounts (with the ability to opt-out, if desired), and made it available as an opt-in feature for other accounts – both of which can be configured within Admin Settings under Email Customizations. All new accounts will only see the new email templates and be unable to opt-out. A future release will make it the default setting for all accounts.

LogMeIn Admin Center (5.23.0) – July 23, 2020


New Custom Background with ChromaCam Setting (GoToMeeting Only)
Account admins can enable in-session custom webcam backgrounds for their organizers. This setting is enabled by default. Learn more about custom backgrounds.


  • Fixed issue that caused inaccurate product entitlements in the user account when assigning conflicting products.

LogMeIn Admin Center (v5.22.0) – July 08, 2020


RescueAssist has rejoined the GoToAssist family as GoToAssist Remote Support v5
Accordingly, the existing GoToAssist Remote Support offering is now referred to throughout the product as GoToAssist Remote Support v4.
As a result, the following services will inherit these changes throughout:
Agents can locate the product version number they are currently using in their account details by clicking the user account drop-down menu in the top right of the agent console at (GoToAssist v4) and (GoToAssist v5) and viewing the "Current Version" listed. Learn more.

LogMeIn Admin Center (v5.21.0) – June 10, 2020


Ability to choose time frame for "inactive" status
Admins can now choose the time frame (i.e., 30, 60, or 90 days) for when the users within an account display an "inactive" user status due to not signing in and authenticating. Learn more about user statuses.


  • Replaced generic messaging with appropriate detailed messaging for when a new user could not be added because their email address is already in use. Learn how to fix this.
  • Updated messaging for COVID-19 Remote Work Kits to inform admins that these kits are available until June 30, 2020. Learn more at

Admin Center (v5.17.0) Release Notes

Released March 18, 2020

  • New! Admins now see a new COVID-19 Announcement message providing information about our Free Emergency Remote Work Kits. Learn more.
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements

Admin Center (v5.16.0) Release Notes

Released March 05, 2020

  • New! Admins can now enable or disable Room Launcher across all GoToRoom systems in the account. Learn more
  • Fixed: Checkboxes for configuration settings now display correctly across all web browsers and platforms

Admin Center (v5.15.3) Web App

Released February 20, 2020

Admin Center (v5.15.1) Web App

Released February 06, 2020

  • New! Admins can now suppress email notifications so users are not notified of product seat(s) and/or role changes made to their account
  • Fixed: The "Need help?" widget now displays on all pages in the Admin Center
  • Fixed: The GoToMeeting "Share Recordings" option has been removed from the Cloud Recordings Features pane as we have added security features on the organizer level
  • Fixed: "Personal Logo" tooltip reminding users that the setting is only available in the previous version of GoToMeeting
  • Fixed: Minor changes to support the Accept Payments feature for all users (GoToWebinar only)

Admin Center (v5.14.0) Web App

Released December 18, 2019

  • New! Debut of the in-product help widget within the Admin Center
  • Improved: Updates to the default Welcome and Update email templates

Admin Center (v5.13.0) Web App

Released December 05, 2019

  • New! "Accept Payments" setup (beta)

Admin Center (v5.12.0) Web App

Released November 18, 2019

  • New! Invitation count for invited users
  • New! "GoToMeeting Hub" and "New GoToMeeting Design" feature settings
  • Improved: Assigned products for users in Activity report
  • Improved: Enhancements to the Administrative Activity History
  • Changed: Removal of OpenVoice Integrated
  • Changed: Updates to toll-free numbers for China (OpenVoice only)

Admin Center (v5.11.0) Web App

Released October 03, 2019

  • New! Health status monitoring for GoToRoom systems and Devices
  • Improved: Enhancements to the Activity History

Admin Center (v5.10.0) Web App

  • Session recording access management for agents
  • Removal of custom wallpaper upload permission for managers (GoToRoom only)
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements

Admin Center (v5.8.0) Web App

Released June 28, 2019

  • Organize GoToRoom systems from the Admin Center
  • Redefined user statuses

Admin Center (v5.7.0) Web App

Released June 04, 2019

Admin Center (v5.6.0) Web App

Released: May 02, 2019

Admin Center (v5.1.0) Web App

Released: January 31, 2019