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What is a license in the GoTo Admin Center (classic)?

Licenses (also known as a "product license" and formerly known as "seats") are allocated to users so that GoTo products (e.g., GoTo Meeting, GoToAssist Remote Support v5, etc.) can be accessed and used.

When an admin purchases product licenses for their account, those licenses will remain available until they are assigned to user accounts.

When a product license is assigned to a user, that user must activate their account, which can be done in any of the following ways:
  • If the user has never had a GoTo product license, they are prompted to create an account password via their user invitation
  • If the user has an existing product license, their user invitation will prompt them to either sign in or transfer their license to the inviting account
  • If the user has been added and enabled or enforced to use Enterprise Sign-In (single sign-on), they can use their company account credentials to sign in
Once the user's account is activated, the admin can assign products to their account. To use a product, the user will sign in to the product's software or website with the credentials they create from the Welcome email (or using their company credentials, if they are enabled to use Enterprise Sign-In).
Note: For security best practices, it is strongly recommended that users do not share the credentials for their license with others.

There are two types of licenses that are available to choose from in GoToAssist Remote Support v5, GoToAssist Remote Support and/or GoToAssist Service Desk: named licenses and concurrent (shared) licenses. Named licenses are dedicated licenses that are assigned to individual user accounts. With concurrent licenses, there is a limited number of licenses that can be shared among your pool of user accounts. Shared licenses can be viewed and managed in the GoTo Admin Center (classic), where admins can clear a license as necessary to free it up and grant the ability for others on the account to use the license. Learn more about managing shared licenses and sessions.