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How do I enroll a new device for Multi-Factor Authentication for my GoToAssist Remote Support v5 account?

If you ever lose or replace the multifactor enabled device you use to sign in to your GoToAssist Remote Support v5 account, you can go through the enrollment process again on your new device. This will replace the previously established Multi-Factor Authentication paired to your account, so that your account authenticates with the most recently enrolled device.

Tip: If you are using the LastPass Authenticator, you can enable Cloud Backup to create a backup of your paired accounts, then restore from Cloud Backup to seamlessly recover them in case you ever lose or replace your mobile device.
  1. Go to the Sign In & Security page at
  2. Enter your email address, then select Next.
  3. Enter your account password, then select Sign in.

    Result: You are prompted to enter a code from your authenticator app.

  4. On the enrollment screen, select Set up a new mobile device.
    Enroll a new device screen
  5. When prompted, select Continue.

    Result: An email containing a verification code is sent to your account email address.

  6. Check your inbox and copy the verification code within the email.
  7. Paste the verification code into the field on the enrollment screen, then select Continue.
    Copy code and paste in enrollment screen
  8. When prompted with the confirmation screen, select Continue.
  9. On your mobile device, install a Multi-Factor Authentication app (such as LastPass Authenticator, Google Authenticator, etc.) if you have not done so already.
  10. Once installed, select Continue on the enrollment screen.
  11. Back on your mobile device, add a new account in your authenticator app (instructions will vary).
  12. When prompted, scan the QR code displayed on the enrollment screen with your device's camera (you may need to allow camera access). Alternatively, you can manually enter the verification key provided.
  13. Select Continue on the enrollment screen.
    Scan QR code or enter code manually
  14. Enter the time-based, one time authentication code (displayed in your authenticator app) on the enrollment screen.
  15. Select Continue.
    Enter code from authenticator app

    Result: You have returned to the Sign In & Security page where the Enhanced Security setting is now enabled.

Results: You have successfully completed enrollment for Multi-Factor Authentication and paired your new mobile device.
Enhanced Security enabled on Sign In & Security page
Article last updated: 16 December, 2022