How do I subscribe to GoToAssist Remote Support v5 at the end of my free trial?

The billing contact for your account can easily convert your free trial into a subscription plan, even if it has already expired.

Note: Some billing contacts log in to the Billing Center at to manage their GoToAssist Remote Support v5 billing info themselves. However, other billing contacts for larger accounts (referred to as "corporate" accounts) typically work with their dedicated LogMeIn representative (or by contacting Corporate Account Services) to manage their account on a different self-service site called the Corporate Billing Portal at See Corporate Billing Portal FAQs if you see something different than the steps shown below.
  1. Log in to the Billing Center at
  2. On your desired product, click Subscribe Now.
  3. If desired, click Change to update your plan tier, then select your user seat count and billing plan frequency. Otherwise, click Proceed to Checkout.

    Note:  If there are already items in your cart, the Add to Cart option will be displayed instead of the "Proceed to Checkout" option. Click Add to Cart > Proceed to Checkout.

  4. Review your order on the Checkout page. Click Edit Order to make additional changes. When ready, click Proceed to Checkout.
  5. Enter your payment details and/or add your VAT Number (if applicable), then click Place Order.
    You will have instant access to any additional features or user seats you added, and your subscription billing date will change to reflect the date you made the plan changes. You'll also receive an email confirmation with the details of your purchase.
If you increased your number of user seats (i.e., licenses), don't forget to assign them to your users so they can log in to GoToAssist Remote Support v5. Learn more at Manage Product Seats for Users.