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Starting Unattended Support Sessions

Unattended access allows an agent to connect to a remote computer when the customer is not present.

Before you begin:
Attention: Does your product look different? You may need information about GoToAssist Remote Support v4. Click HERE.

Note: The availability of the unattended support features depends on an account-level setting in the GoToAssist Remote Support Administration Center.
  • The customer's device must be powered on and not in sleep mode for the agent to be able to launch an unattended session.
  • If the customer is using GoToAssist Remote Support v4 on a macOS device, then they need to stay logged in to GoToAssist for the time of the session.
  • Servers you want to access must be in Console Mode. Unattended Access is NOT supported within RDP or Terminal Server environments.
  1. Click the Devices tab of the Agent Console.
    Tip: Cannot see the Devices tab? Click the GoToAssist Remote Support logo in the top-left corner of the console.

    Result: The list of devices set up for unattended access is displayed.

    Note: For detailed information about searching for devices set up for unattended access, see Searching for Unattended Access Devices.

  2. Select a device from the list by hovering over it.
  3. Under Actions, click the Connect button.
    Tip: Agents can create desktop shortcuts for quick access to unattended devices. See Creating Desktop Shortcuts for Devices.
    Tip: On a Windows device already set up for unattended access, login credentials can be saved. See Storing Unattended Credentials (Windows only) for further details. Note that stored login credentials for unattended access set up in GoToAssist Remote Support v4 can also be used in the GoToAssist Remote Support v5Agent Console.

    Result: A new session starts in a new tab of the Agent Console providing full remote control access to the selected device.

    Troubleshooting: If your unattended session is not allowing Remote Control, ask your GoToAssist Remote Support Admin to check your User Settings in the Administration Center.

Results: Unattended support sessions offer the same features and tools as those available during attended support sessions.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022