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Step #5: Create and Assign Groups to Bookmark Apps

Add a group for each of the Bookmark apps that you created, then assign your groups to each of the Bookmark apps for provisioning GoTo products.

Note: If you are provisioning GoTo Webinar or GoTo Training, you are also required to create a GoTo Meeting group and assign it to the GoTo Meeting Bookmark app (as GoTo Meeting is included in both GoTo Webinar and GoTo Training by default).

    Create groups for each Bookmark app.

    1. In the Okta admin portal, go to Directory > Groups in the left navigation.
    2. Select Add Group.
    3. Enter a name (e.g., GoTo Meeting Group) and description.
    4. Select Save.

      Result: A group for each Bookmark app has been created.

    Assign groups to each Bookmark app.

    1. Go to Applications > Applications in the left navigation.
    2. Select your desired (GoTo product) Bookmark app.
    3. Select the Assignments tab.
    4. Select the Assign drop-down menu.
    5. Locate your desired group (e.g., GoTo Meeting Group) and select Assign > Done.
Results: The groups you created have been assigned to the Bookmark app for each GoTo product.