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Step #6: Assign All Groups to the LogMeIn Parent App and Push Groups

Assign all of the groups you created to the LogMeIn, then push the groups to begin the provisioning process for your GoTo products.

    Assign all groups to the LogMeIn parent app.

    1. In the Okta admin portal, go to Applications > Applications in the left navigation.
    2. Search for and select the LogMeIn parent app.
    3. Select the Assignments tab.
    4. Select the Assign drop-down menu.
    5. Next to each group you created, select Assign.
    6. Once all groups have been assigned, select Done.

    Push groups to start provisioning.

    1. Select the Push Groups tab.
    2. Select the Push Groups drop-down menu, then select Find groups by name.
    3. Enter the name of a group you created, then select Save & Add Another .
    4. Repeat until all groups have been added, then select Save.
Results: You have pushed all groups from Okta to the GoTo Admin Center (classic).