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Step #4: Create Bookmark Apps for GoTo Products

Create a Bookmark (child) app for each GoTo product that will be provisioned to users, then update the logo for each Bookmark app to display your GoTo product app’s logo and description in Okta.

    Add Bookmark (child) apps for GoTo products.

    1. In the left navigation of the Okta admin portal, select Applications > Applications.
    2. Select Browse App Catalog.
    3. Search for and select Bookmark App, then select Add.
    4. On the General tab, for the "Application label" enter the GoTo product name (e.g., GoTo Meeting).
    5. For the "URL" field, enter the Sign-in page URL (i.e., the login page this product app will use) previously copied in Step #2: Add and Configure the LogMeIn Parent App in Okta.
    6. Select Done.
    7. Repeat Steps #1 – 7 to add a Bookmark app for each GoTo product you will assign to users.
      Important: If you are provisioning GoTo Webinar or GoTo Training, you are also required to create a GoTo Meeting Bookmark app (as GoTo Meeting is included in both GoTo Webinar and Go ToTraining by default).

    Update the Bookmark app logo to represent each GoTo product.

    1. Download and save each of the GoTo product logos for each Bookmark app you created.
      The logo must meet the following requirements:
      • Image file type must be PNG, JPG, or GIF (PNG is recommended)
      • Image dimensions must be at least 420 x 120 pixels (to prevent scaling issues)
      • Max image size is 1MB
    2. Select the Edit icon for the Bookmark app, then upload your desired logo.
Results: You have created Bookmark apps for GoTo products and app represents a GoTo product that you will provision to users.