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Agent Desktop Console

The Agent Console is available as a standalone, native application for Windows and macOS. This article provides information about the unique benefits of using the desktop version of the Agent Console along with instructions for downloading and installing it.

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The Agent Desktop Console offers the same features and functionalities as the Agent Web Console (with the exception of Session Transfer). Improvements compared to the Agent Web Console are the following.

  • A native application so your tabs will not be mixed with your other browser tabs
  • Improved keyboard shortcut handling (for example, Windows button)
  • The ability to run multiple sessions at the same time in a single instance of the console
  • Auto-update
Restriction: The Session Transfer feature is not available in the Agent Desktop Console.

How to download and launch the Desktop Console?

Download is available from either the Agent Web Console Dashboard, or manually.
Download from the Agent Web Console
  1. Log in to the Web Console at
  2. On the top bar of the console, click Get the Desktop Console. If your OS is supported, a download link is displayed.
  3. Click the displayed download link.
  4. Once the download is complete, run the installer.
  5. When the Agent Desktop Console successfully installed window is displayed, click Launch console with auto login.

    The Agent Desktop Console starts, and you are automatically logged in.

Download manually
You can also download the Agent Desktop Console installer manually using one of the following links. Run the installer, then log in with your credentials.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022