Why Is the Add Device (Install Unattended Access) Button Inactive on My Toolbar?

Agents can set up Unattended Access to a device during an attended Remote Control session by adding the device to their Devices list if the following prerequisites are met.

  • The account to which the agent belongs needs to have permission in the RescueAssist Admin Center to set up unattended access.
  • The agent needs to be in control of the customer’s computer. That is, the prod application needs to be installed and running on the customer’s computer allowing for an active Remote Control session.
  • The RescueAssist by LogMeIn application needs to be running in Admin mode.
    Tip: Try restarting the RescueAssist by LogMeIn application as a system service.
  • Due to technical limitations, setting up unattended access while in an attended support session is NOT available in case of Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection to the remote computer.
    Tip: Use one of the alternative setup methods described in Setting Up Unattended Support on Desktop.