Integrating RescueAssist with Slack

Integrate RescueAssist by LogMeIn with Slack to provide support to your customers in a simple and frictionless way through Slack.

  1. On the RescueAssist Slack Landing Page, click the Add to Slack button.
    Your are prompted to log in to RescueAssist.
  2. Enter your RescueAssist credentials to log in.
  3. Sign in to your Slack workspace.
  4. Authorize RescueAssist in your Slack workspace.

    Remember: Make sure you log in to the proper workspace.

    When the Installation complete. message is displayed, integration has been completed.
You are now ready to start RescueAssist support sessions in the Slack app by using the /rescue slash command.
Tip: If your customers (that is, people to whom you provide support) cannot see RescueAssist listed under Apps, remind them to click Browse Apps (the plus sign) in Slack to add it themselves.