Do I Need a Mobile Add-on App for my Device?

Note: This article speaks to customers (end-users) who want to receive support for their mobile device.

In order to allow a support agent to provide remote support for Android devices, customers need to download theRescueAssist by LogMeIn app from Google Play. Customers on supported versions of LG and Huawei devices also need to download a free mobile add-on app to be able to use the remote control feature. The RescueAssist by LogMeIn Android app guides affected users through the simple installation of the required add-on app. Once the installation is ready, the add-on app does not require any additional action from the customer.

Note: The mobile add-on app is not to be confused with the RescueAssist Mobile Add-on license. While the app is required on certain customer mobile devices, the RescueAssist Mobile Add-on license is an extension to the support company's base subscription, which is required if they want to allow agents to support mobile devices (including the use of Camera Share).