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Working with Session Recording

    GoToAssist Remote Support v5 can optionally make a recording of all on-screen activity during a GoToAssist Remote Support v5 session.

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    The availability of the Session recording feature depends on an account-level setting in the GoToAssist Remote Support Administration Center.

    Creating Session Recordings

    When an agent belonging to an account for which session recording is enabled starts a GoToAssist Remote Support v5 support session, session recording automatically begins. The customer is notified that the session is being recorded.

    Recording stops when the session ends.

    Playing Session Recordings

    Soon after the recorded session ends, the session recording becomes available on the Recordings tab of the GoToAssist Remote Support v5 Agent Console. To play the recording, choose either of the following options.

    • To stream the recording without leaving the Recordings tab, hover over the recording you want to play, and under ACTIONS click the PLAY icon.
    • To download the recording, hover over the recording you want to download, and under ACTIONS click the DOWNLOAD icon.

      GoToAssist Remote Support v5 session recordings are saved to .mkv format and should be played back using VLC media player.

    Important: A recording that has been deleted cannot be restored.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022