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Why am I Unable to Support Mobile Devices?

    GoToAssist Remote Support v5 agents must have an active GoToAssist Remote Support Mobile add-on license to be able to support mobile devices.

    1. The billing contact for your account needs to purchase the Mobile add-on license(s).
    2. A GoToAssist Remote Support Administrator needs to assign the Mobile add-on license(s) to the agent(s) they want to be able to support mobile devices. Follow instructions in How do I enable or disable products for a single user?.
      Tip: In the Products pane, make sure that under Agent for GoToAssist Remote Support, With Mobile Add-on is selected when specifying which products the user should be able to access.
    Restriction: Remote Control is currently available only for Samsung devices and supported versions of LG and Huawei devices. Remote Control is not available on iOS devices.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022