What should I allow on my firewall for GoToAssist Remote Support v5?

    Learn what ports, IP addresses, domains, etc. need to be allowed on your firewall for your service to successfully connect and work with GoTo. Subscribe to notifications in our Customer Community to be kept up to date on any changes to this important information.

    Required Email Domains


    Required Ports

    • Outbound TCP 443
    • Outbound TCP 80
    • STUN/TURN - TCP and UDP 3489 — GoTo Resolve and GoToAssist v5 only

    Required Domains

    Required IP Addresses

    Fastpath: This is not for use with GoTo Resolve. If you are using GoTo Resolve, see Fixed IP Addresses below for the relevant TURN server information you need.

    It is recommended to use wild card rules whenever possible while allow listing or blocking any GoTo services on your network as sub-domains of the domains listed above are included. Also, the client-to-host connection uses peer-to-peer connections, encrypted within an HTTPS tunnel where data is encrypted with AES-256 symmetric cipher.

    Use of IP ranges instead of domain names for the firewall configuration is discouraged unless absolutely necessary because our IP ranges and those of our provider networks need to be periodically audited and modified, creating additional maintenance for your network. These changes are necessary to continue to provide the maximum performance for our products. Maintenance and failover events within our infrastructure may cause you to connect to servers within any of the ranges.

    If your firewall includes a content or application data scanning filter, this may cause a block or latency, which would be indicated in the log files for the filter. To address this problem, verify that the domains or IP ranges will not be scanned or filtered by specifying exception domains or IP ranges. If your security policy requires you to specify explicit domain or IP ranges, then configure your firewall exceptions for outbound TCP ports 8200, 443, and 80 as well as UDP ports 8200 and 1853 for the GoTo domains or IP ranges, including those of our third-party provider networks.

    Table 1. Server/Data Center IP addresses (Equivalent specifications in 3 common formats)
    Assigned Range by Block Numeric IP Address Range Netmask Notation CIDR Notation
    Block 1 –
    Block 2 –
    Block 3 –
    Block 4 –
    Block 5 –
    Block 6 –
    Block 7 –
    Block 8 -
    Block 9 –
    Block 10 –
    Block 11 –
    Block 12 –
    Block 13 –
    Block 14 –
    Block 15 –
    Block 16 –
    Block 17 –
    Block 18 –
    Block 19 –
    Block 20 –
    Block 21 –
    Block 22 –
    Block 23 –
    Block 24 –
    Block 25 –
    Block 26 –
    Block 27 –
    Block 28 –
    Table 2. IPv6 addresses space
    Assigned by Block Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) format
    Block 1 2620:0:c70::/48
    Block 2 2a04:6660::/30

    Additional IP addresses required for using GoToAssist Remote Support v.4

    Allow these additional IP addresses if your firewall is configured to allow list by IP range rather than domains:


    Third-party provider IP Ranges

    Fixed IP addresses — For GoTo Resolve and GoToAssist RS v.5 only

    Table 3. TURN/STUN Server IP list
    ap-southeast-1 eu-central-1 eu-central-1 eu-central-1 eu-central-1 (EU-only environment)

    Table 4. GoTo Resolve File transfer TURN servers
    syn-prd-ava-turnserver – US EAST region syn-prd-afr-turn – EU region

    Data Centers

    We scale our services with third-party cloud and carrier networks for improved performance. To ensure continuous up-time, we also maintain data centers in the following regions:

    • U.S.: Nevada, Virginia, Michigan
    • Global: Germany, Australia
    • Global Public Cloud (including, but not limited to): California, Oregon, Virginia, Singapore, Australia, Japan
    • Content Delivery Public Cloud (including, but not limited to): California, Washington, Texas, Indiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Brazil, United Kingdom, Amsterdam, Germany, France, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore