Two-Factor Authentication for Remote Support

Two-Factor Authentication (also known as Two-Step Verification) is an added level of security that can be enabled at the account-level for a GoToAssist Remote Support account. Used with an authenticator app (such as LastPass Authenticator, Google Authenticator, etc.), users are required to enter a one-time code that gets generated by the authenticator app on the user’s mobile device. This added layer of security makes credential attacks very difficult because the attacker would need the user name (account email address), password, and either the one-time code or the account holder's mobile device to compromise the account.

Note:  We support clients that follow RFC-6238 TOTP (Time-Based One-Time Password) algorithm.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication in Admin Settings

Admins can enable Two-Factor Authentication as an account-wide setting for all agents with a GoToAssist Remote Support v5 or GoToAssist Remote Support seat, which will require users to complete an enrollment process, and thereafter use a one-time code (generated from their linked mobile authenticator app) to log in and host support sessions.

Note:  All device groups must be set to the required version & build number (v4.3, b1575 or later) in order to support the use of this feature.

Enroll in Two-Factor Authentication

You will need both a desktop or laptop and a mobile device to complete the enrollment. It is recommended that you begin the enrollment process on your laptop or desktop if possible; you can complete the enrollment process on your mobile device, but it requires a manual step.

Note:  The following enrollment flow applies to the desktop app for Windows (this feature is also supported on Mac), however, the same instructional text displays during the enrollment process for all apps. If using a mobile app to enroll, you must manually enter the Key to link your mobile authenticator app, even if it is on the same mobile device.

Enrolling via your desktop web browser

  1. Download the GoToAssist Expert desktop application, then fill in your email address and password and click Sign in.

    GoToAssist sign in window

  2. When the enrollment message displays, click Continue.
  3. A verification email is sent to the email address that identifies your account. Open the "Email Verification" message, then copy the 6-digit code.
  4. In the Verification email has been sent dialog, enter or paste the code you copied from the email and click Continue. If you haven't received the email, click send the email again.
  5. On your mobile device, install an authenticator app (e.g., LastPass Authenticator) if one is not already installed, then click Continue.
  6. The Connect to your mobile device dialog displays. Leave this window open on your desktop and complete the steps to register your authenticator app on your mobile device by either:
    • Scanning a bar code (the QR code)
    • Manually entering the code displayed on the screen in the authenticator app.
  7. When finished, click Continue.

    QR and setup code samples

  8. Once your authenticator app is registered with your account, enter the one-time authentication code (displayed in the mobile app) in the Enter setup code window and click Continue.

    Enter setup code

  9. Congratulations! You have completed the Two-Factor Authentication enrollment. Click Continue to access the application, which will require you to enter a new code in order to log in and host support sessions.

Log in using Two-Factor Authentication

Once your account is enrolled, you can log in to the desktop, web, or mobile apps and use the one-time code generated by your authenticator app to complete the sign in process.

Re-enroll in Two-Factor Authentication

If you ever lose or replace your Two-Factor enabled device, you can go through the enrollment process again on your new device. This will replace the previously established Two-Factor Authentication tied to your account, so that your account authenticates with the most recently enrolled device. Additionally, if you are using the LastPass Authenticator, you can use LastPass Authenticator’s cloud backup to restore your multi-factor tokens if you lose or replace your mobile device.

  1. Log in at with your email address and password.
  2. When prompted to enter your two-step verification code, click Set up a new mobile device.
  3. Follow the prompts beginning at Step #1 to finish the enrollment process.