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Set Up and Run User Sync

User Sync is a service in the GoTo Admin Center (classic). User Sync enables you to set up rules to automatically update product entitlements and roles for your SCIM-based* users in response to updates in your Active Directory.

User Sync is designed to be set up based on the groups defined in the Active Directory (and updated via the Active Directory Connector), enabled, and then left to run in the background as user updates are captured from the Active Directory.

User Sync in Admin Center (classic) running

Access and run User Sync

Now that you have installed, configured, and run the ADC v2, you can access and run User Sync.

Before you begin: The following are required:
  • Corporate account with at least one (1) admin who has both Organization and GoTo product admin roles
  • Validated Organization domain
  • Active Directory Connector v2 must be installed, and users and groups must be updated from the company's Active Directory

  1. Sign in to the GoTo Admin Center (classic) at
  2. In the navigation menu, select User Sync.
  3. Now you can begin creating and/or modifying existing sync rules and priorities, as well as manage custom attributes (if you had added any when configuring the ADC).
  4. Once finished, enable the setting for the User Sync is on option.

    Result: Syncing will begin to apply the rules and priorities.

Troubleshooting User Sync

If you run User Sync and the sync fails, detailed banner(s) are displayed to inform you of the reason for the failure (e.g., users have existing accounts, out of licenses, etc.). For each type of failure, you can select Details to view the list of users that were unable to be synced, and take appropriate action (e.g., purchasing more licenses to accommodate more users). Once the cause of the failure is resolved, you can select Retry sync to run the sync again. Additionally, sync failure messages are also logged in the Administrative Activity History.

Article last updated: 14 August, 2023