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Restarting the GoToAssist Remote Support v5 application as a System Service

Use the ADMIN MODE button to restart the GoToAssist Remote Support application on the customer's machine as a Windows System Service or a Mac daemon. In admin mode, you can set up unattended access or log in as another user.

Attention: Does your product look different? You may need information about GoToAssist Remote Support v4. Click HERE.

Tip: Admin mode is not the same as being an administrator. However, in admin mode you can log in as a different user. For example, as an administrator.

You need to be in admin mode to perform the following actions:

  • Set up unattended access for a new device
  • Change to another user on the customer device. For example, log in as an administrator
    Tip: If the customer's device is running Windows, you can send the customer's device a Ctrl-Alt-Del command. See Open the Task Manager on a Customer's Device (Windows only).
  • Change system settings. For example, firewall or User Account Control settings
  • Install or uninstall programs in system-level directories
  • Install, delete or partition drives
  • Add or delete users
  • Add new computers to Windows domain
  • Force quit system programs
During an active Remote Control session, on the session toolbar of the Agent Console, click ADMIN MODE.
Tip: If the ADMIN MODE button is disabled, you are already in admin mode.
Results: Depending on the customer's operating system, the GoToAssist Remote Support application restarts either as:
  • Windows - A Windows System Service
  • Mac - A daemon
Important: Customers on Windows computers need to give User Account Control (UAC) permission for the GoToAssist Remote Support application to restart as a Windows System Service. While the UAC prompt is displayed to the customer, remote control access is suspended in the Agent Console, so the agent cannot see any action the customer is taking. It may happen that the agent can only see a blank screen until the customer accepts the UAC prompt.

For information about how different levels of UAC settings affect the customer experience, see What is the customer's User Account Control experience for a session using Admin Mode?.

Note: If you want to avoid having to manually switch to Admin Mode during a session, you can optionally set Remote Control sessions to start in Admin Mode by default. When you create a new session, make sure that on the Support Session tab Request Admin Mode when switching to Remote Control is checked. GoToAssist Remote Support remembers this setting, so you will not have to check this box again for subsequent sessions (but may uncheck it any time).
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022