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Generate Custom Reports

You can customize a report based on session type, companies, technician(s) and date ranges. These reports can retrieve data from sessions that took place up to a year ago, and can be downloaded in .HTML, .PDF, .XLS or .CSV format.

  1. In the GoToAssist Remote Support v5 Agent Console, click the Reporting tab.
  2. In the Report Generation pane, specify the contents of your report:
    1. Select Report Focus Choose a session type. You can limit it to individual agents or companies, or you can leave the range broad to see more reports.
    2. Choose Date Range Specify the reporting period either from a certain date to the present, or by choosing a specific From: and To: date.
    3. Select Report Format Choose the format in which you want your report to be generated by selecting HTML, PDF, XLS, or CSV.
      Note: HTML reports are web-based and cannot be downloaded.
  3. Click Generate Report when finished.

    Result: If you selected PDF, XLS or CSV format, your file will automatically begin downloading.

    For information on the details custom reports return, see Working with Reporting.

Article last updated: 27 September, 2022