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Delete a Device from a Group in the Agent Console

Deleting a device removes unattended access to the customer's computer as well as uninstalls the GoToAssist Remote Support application.

Before you begin:
Restriction: Only Administrators can manage device groups.
Note: The customer can also remove unattended access from their device by right-clicking the GoToAssist Remote Support application icon, and then clicking Uninstall.
Tip: You can delete a device that is currently offline. In this case, the GoToAssist Remote Support application is uninstalled from the customer's computer when it next comes online.
  1. On the left panel of the Devices tab of the GoToAssist Remote Support v5 Agent Console select the device group containing the device you want to remove from the group .
    Tip: Cannot see the Devices tab? Click the GoToAssist Remote Support logo in the top-left corner of the console.
  2. Hover over the row of the device you want to delete, and click the Remove icon.

    Result: The Remove device window is displayed.

  3. Confirm your choice by clicking Remove.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022