LogMeIn Admin Center Management of Two-Factor Authentication

Account admins can enable Two-Factor Authentication as an account-wide setting for all agents with a GoToAssist Remote Support v5 or GoToAssist Remote Support license, which will require users to complete an enrollment process, and thereafter use a one-time code (generated from their linked mobile authenticator app) to sign in and host support sessions.

Note:  Please be extremely careful when making changes to this Admin Setting, as it will force all agents within your account to begin the Two-Factor Authentication enrollment process based on your date selection. Two-Factor Authentication is disabled for all accounts by default.

Step #1: Access Admin Settings

Sign in to the LogMeIn Admin Center at and click Admin Settings in the left navigation.

Step #2: Enable the setting and select your forced sign out date

When enabling Two-Factor Authentication, you must select a date to force all of your agents to sign out and begin the enrollment process. Select Enabled, then click the Calendar icon to choose from the following options:

Forced sign out on a future date

  • You must select a date within 14 days of the date you choose to enable this feature.
  • Any agents actively signed in will be automatically signed out at 12:00 AM on the selected date. Note that the time zone is based on the admin's current web browser settings.
  • The next time agents sign in, they will be prompted to begin the enrollment process.

Forced sign out immediately on same day

  • Selecting the same day will force agents to sign out immediately and begin the enrollment process in order to use GoToAssist Remote Support v5 .
  • Any agents in an active session will continue to remain in session, but will be unable to host new sessions or connect to unattended machines until completing enrollment.